FEATURE 2015.2 - Store owners can now add Product Comparison to their stores

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Store owners can now add Product Comparison to their stores!

This feature adds a new Product Comparison page as well as a new widget called the Compare Bucket

The default items to compare are :

  •  Image
  •  Item Name
  •  Item Number
  •  Rating
  •  Description
  •  Manufacturer
  •  Availability
  •  Retail Price
  •  Price
  •  All attributes from products being compared
  •  Variants (kind of, they aren’t really “compared”, just visible above the add to cart buttons.)
  •  And up to 5 custom items in addition to these (any product entity merge codes can be added to a compare layout)

Products can be purchased directly from the compare page with variants and personalizations included.

Protip: All of the default layout areas can actually render any product entity (##) merges and could be used for something else. For layoutareas with $$ merges, those $$ merges are specific to those areas.

The Compare Bucket widget will update instantly when adding products to comparison. It is best suited for the left column but can be altered to work at the top of the page also.

The $$ADDTOCOMPARELINK$$ merge code needs to be added to the Product layout on the category page to show the Add/Remove link.

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Brian Gluck June 3, 2015 3:33 PM reply
Have an example url where we can see it in action on a test theme?

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