FEATURE 2014.3 - Product Reviews Listing Widget On Category Page

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FEATURE: Product reviews listing widget on category page

Product reviews listing widget is available for category page now. The widget will display the latest reviews from products in a category. "View All Reviews" link to product review page where user can view all reviews from a category by page and sort by rating or post time.
New  merge code. This can be used to display overall rating for a product when using multi-dimension ratings.
New setting to display reviews from category on product page when a product does not have reviews.

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Brian Gluck August 30, 2014 2:35 PM reply
This is pretty nice. It would be a great enhancement to allow a global widget that can go on any page where you can select the category (or product list) to display reviewed items from. Being able to display the stores most recent reviews on the homepage (and other content pages such as guides, about us pages, etc) is a great way to get fresh, unique content onto the site.

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